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  • The amount paid for booking airline tickets as well as the service fees imposed at the time of booking are non-refundable post the duration of 24 hours.
  • Any cancelation after 24 hours is liable to the terms and conditions of the airline in question. Although, a cancelation fee will have to be paid.
  • Airline tickets can be canceled within the duration of 24 hours by reaching out to our customer support, but a certain fee will be applicable.
  • In the event of no-show, the airline ticket is not at all refundable and the entire amount will be forfeited by the concerned airline. In order to steer clear of no-show, kindly inform us at the minimum 4 hours before the departure of flight.
  • Once an airline ticket is bought, changes, such as the name(s) of passenger are not permitted according to the policy of the airline. Any change(s) whatsoever made to the travel itinerary are inhibited and come under the jurisdiction of the airline in question.
  • Flight tickets bought of every low-cost air carrier from within 7 days, i.e. 168 hours to the departure date are not at all refundable post the purchase time.

No matter the given circumstance, the amount paid for making the bookings of hotel and rental car is non-refundable whatsoever. Although, the service fees paid for making the bookings of hotel and rental car might be refundable.

All cancelations in regard to flight tickets, rental car bookings and hotel bookings are required to be carried via the call only. The refund request will only be accepted if it meets the following conditions:

  • If the request for refund and/or cancelation made by you with us, on condition that the fare rules permit for refunds and cancelations.
  • In case you're not a 'no-show'. It is that situation in which a passenger, who had booked the flight ticket, doesn't appear to board the flight at the airport and neither informs the concerned airline about the same nor cancels the reservation. In majority of scenarios, a "no show" reservation is not eligible for any kind of waiver from the supplier pertaining to the refund processing.
  • We are allowed to secure waivers by suppliers during the processing of the requested refund and/or cancelation. Although, we might not be always able to do so.

We are unable to state any particular time duration in regards to the time we may need to process the refund requested by you. All the requests regarding refund go through a very strict chronological format. As soon as you place the cancelation request with our customer care team, you will receive an e-mail from us mentioning that your cancelation request has been received by us. Although, take note that receiving a notification simply does not mean that you will get the refund. The sent e-mail is only an acknowledgment that the cancelation request of yours has been received and therefore, you're provided with a tracking number. Upon receiving your cancelation or refund request, we will proceed to contact our suppliers, which would be airlines, rental car companies and hotels to initiate a waiver, provided it is indeed eligible for a refund. The supplier's decision will be taken as final one and subsequently, we will inform you about the same.

The service fees charged by us in relation to the original booking or reservation are not at all refundable. Please be in the know that we are entirely dependent on the decision of the suppliers when it's about getting the requests of refunds. Also take note that refunds could be possible only if the rules of supplier or the airline allow for such refunds. Post the approval of your refund request by the concerned supplier, it might take around 60 to 90 days starting from receiving the said request to getting the amount credited in your account statement. Besides the refund fee imposed by the airline and other suppliers, Faresonfleek will also charge a service fee for post-ticketing, as and when relevant. All the fees charged for refund are on the basis of per ticket, per passenger. The fee for the refund is applicable only if the refund has been sanctioned by the concerned supplier or a waiver has been received. In case the supplier doesn't process the refund requested by you, then you'll receive the refund of post-ticketing service fees which had been charged by us. However, it is not applicable to the booking fee charged by us on the original travel booking or reservation.